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Wheel Reference Information

WillTheyFit.com - Will They Fit is an online wheel and tyre calculator to help you compare a new set of wheels and tyres against your existing ones to help you get a picture of how they will fit.

Wiki: Wheel Sizing - A guide to many of the factors to be considered in wheel sizing

Wiki: Wheel Offset - Wiki provides some useful information on the topic of car wheel offset.

Wiki: Unsprung Mass - Unsprung mass is just one factor of how a wheel's weight affects a car's performance, but it is an important one.

General Motoring Links

Pistonheads - Pistonheads is probably the largest car forum for petrolheads in the UK.

Parkers - Parkers have a huge database of car reviews and car specifications, but they don't say much about wheel offset.

The AA - The AA breakdown service. If all else fails get the AA to change your wheels for you!

RAC - In the interests of fairness, here's a link to the RAC.

Top Gear - The world famous Top Gear motoring magazine TV show.

Fifth Gear - Fifth Gear, another great motoring magazine TV show.

Car Web Directories

AllworldAutomotive - AllworldAutomotive is a popular links directory with lots of categorised car links.