Vauxhall Astra Wheels

Vauxhall Astra Standard Wheel Dimensions
Production:1980 - present
Standard PCD:(varies, see text below)
Centre Bore:(varies, see text below)

Early Vauxhall Astras (the mk2 & mk3) started out with 4x100 PCD wheels with a centre bore of 56.6mm.  4x100 is quite a common stud pattern, so these wheels are interchangeable with many other cars.

The Astra Mk4 & Mk5 were available in the same 4x100 bolt pattern, but were also available in a five stud configuration, a 5x110 PCD with a larger centre bore of 65.1mm.

The Mk6 Astra has switched to two new bolt patterns (5x105 and 5x115mm), which are not so readily interchangeable with other manufacturers' cars.

Model variations for Vauxhall Astra wheel dimensions
ModelOffsetStuds/PCDCentre BoreLug TypeNotes
Astra Mk1 (1980-1984)
Astra Mk2 (1984-1991)4x10056.6mmbolt M12x1.5
Astra Mk3 (1991-1998)4x10056.6mmbolt M12x1.5
Astra Mk4 (1998-2004)

Four bolt Mk4 Astra wheels are 4x100 bolt patter with a 56.6mm centre bore and an offset of ET38-49mm.

Five bolt Mk4 Astra wheels have a 5x110 bolt pattern with a centre bore of 65.1mm and an offset of 40-49mm.

Astra Mk5 (2004-2009)

As per the Mk4, the four bolt Astra Mk5 is 4x100, 56.6mm centre bore and 38-49mm offset, and the five bolt Mk5 Astra is 5x110, 65.1mm centre bore and 40-49mm offset.

Astra Mk6 (2009-on)The Mk6 Astra comes in two new flavours - a 5x105 bolt circle and a 5x115 bolt circle.

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