Suzuki Cappuccino Wheels

Suzuki Cappuccino Standard Wheel Dimensions
Production:1991 - 1997
Includes Models:EA11R, EA21R
Standard Offset:+45
Standard PCD:4x114.3
Centre Bore:60.1
Standard Wheel Sizes:14 x 5.5j
Standard Tyre Sizes:165/65R14 78H
Standard Wheel Weights:4.7kg
Lug Type:M12x1.25 cone seat nuts

The standard wheels for the Suzuki Cappuccino are very lightweight forged alloy wheels, weighing only 4.7Kg each.  Due to the Cappuccino's double wishbone suspension layout, a relatively high offset is required.

Being a 114.3 PCD, there aren't many alternative wheels from other cars.  One of the few exceptions that will fit a cappuccino is the wheels from a 1996 DC2 Integra type R.  These wheels are 15" and quite lightweight, but have a couple of fitting issues.  They have a centre bore of 64.1mm, so need a spigot ring to make up the difference, and have ball shaped nuts rather than the cappuccino's cone shaped lug nuts..  Their offset is +50mm, so with a 5mm spacer they fit cappuccino arches quite nicely.

Model variations for Suzuki Cappuccino wheel dimensions
ModelOffsetStuds/PCDCentre BoreLug TypeNotes
Cappuccino EA11R4x114.360.1mmM12x1.25 cone seat nuts
Cappuccino EA21R4x114.360.1mmM12x1.25 cone seat nuts
Standard Wheels originally fitted to a Cappuccino
WheelNotesWheel SizeOffsetStuds x PCDCentre BoreWheel WeightStandard Tyre Size
Cappuccino EA11R original OEM wheels:
Standard 7 spoke
Notes: Size: 14"x5.5" Offset: ET45 PCD: 4x114.3 Centre Bore: 60.1mm Weight: 4.7kg Tyre size: 165/65R14 78H

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