Nissan Micra Wheels

Nissan Micra Standard Wheel Dimensions
Production:1982 - present
Standard PCD:4x100
Centre Bore:varies, see below

The Micra has always been on a 4x100 stud pattern so there are many interchangeable wheels available to choose from.  Four stud Vauxhall Astra, Corsa, Nova and early model VW Golfs (Mk1, Mk2 and 4 stud Mk3).

Model variations for Nissan Micra wheel dimensions
ModelOffsetStuds/PCDCentre BoreLug TypeNotes
Micra K10 (1982-1992)ET35-ET454x10059.1mm
Micra K11 (1992-2003)ET35-ET454x10059.1mm
Micra K12 (2002-2010)4x10060.1mmbolts M12x1.5

The Micra K12 has a larger centre bore than previous Micras, hence Earlier Micra wheels do not fit the K12, but K12 wheels will fit earlier Micras with spigot rings.

Micra K13 (2010-on)4x10060.1mmbolts M12x1.5

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