Ford Focus Wheels

Ford Focus Standard Wheel Dimensions
Production:1998 - present
Standard PCD:108
Centre Bore:63.4

The Mk1 Focus has a 4x108 stud pattern, whereas the Mk2 Ford Focus switched to a five stud 108mm PCD which was retained for the new Mk3 Focus.  The centre bore is the same for all Focuses, at 63.4mm.

Having a large centre bore means that not so many other wheels with the same stud pattern will fit without machining out the bore.

The 4x108 pattern of the Mk1 Focus is shared with the Peugeot 206, which has a smaller centre bore.

Model variations for Ford Focus wheel dimensions
ModelOffsetStuds/PCDCentre BoreLug TypeNotes
Focus Mk1 (1998-2004)ET40-ET494x10863.4mmnut M12x1.5
Focus Mk2 (2004-2011)ET38-ET525x10863.4mm
Focus Mk3 (2011-on)5x10863.4mm
Standard Wheels originally fitted to a Focus
WheelNotesWheel SizeOffsetStuds x PCDCentre BoreWheel WeightStandard Tyre Size
Focus Mk1 original OEM wheels:
rs alloy wheel
Notes: Size: Offset: ET42 PCD: 4x108 Centre Bore: 63.4mm Weight: Tyre size:
Notes: Size: 15"x6" Offset: PCD: 4x108 Centre Bore: 63.4mm Weight: 6.9kg Tyre size:
Notes: Size: 16"x6" Offset: PCD: 4x108 Centre Bore: 63.4mm Weight: 8.7kg Tyre size:

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