Fiat Cinquecento Wheels

Fiat Cinquecento Standard Wheel Dimensions
Production:1991 - 1998
Standard Offset:30-38
Standard PCD:4x98
Centre Bore:58.1
Standard Wheel Sizes:13x5.5
Standard Tyre Sizes:165/55/13
Lug Type:Bolts 12x1.25

The Cinquecento was originally available with 13" 5.5J wheels, but it will take a 14" 6J wheel.

The Cinquecento's wheel dimensions are the same as its successor, the Seicento, and wheels can be interchanged with this and other four stud cars in the Fiat group.  A simple upgrade is to get some Seicento Sporting wheels, which are easy to find for sale secondhand.

Model variations for Fiat Cinquecento wheel dimensions
ModelOffsetStuds/PCDCentre BoreLug TypeNotes
Cinquecento 170 (1991-1998)ET364x9858.1mmBolts 12x1.25
Standard Wheels originally fitted to a Cinquecento
WheelNotesWheel SizeOffsetStuds x PCDCentre BoreWheel WeightStandard Tyre Size
Cinquecento 170 original OEM wheels:
Fiat Cinquecento 13" Sporting Wheels
Notes: Size: 13"x5.5" Offset: ET36 PCD: 4x98 Centre Bore: 58.1mm Weight: Tyre size: 165/55/13

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